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Poptop Roofs.

Opting for a poptop is likely to be the largest single investment you can make with your campervan (second only to the purchase of your base vehicle). In most cases this doubles the sleeping capacity of your vehicle but more importantly adds immeasurable benefit in terms usable space when parked up. There are a few excellent products on the market which we would be happy to install. Our preferred suppliers are the UK based companies 'Skyline Roofs' & 'Westdubs' due to, materials & build quality, lead times, continued development of their products & supporting home grown manufacturers. 

Reimo and SCA roofs offer great products that we are happy to install, and also cover a much larger array of vehicle makes and models. These products can be ordered directly from UKLeisure or BANWY and can be delivered to us for installation. Please visit their website for information on lead times and the vast array of vehicles/products available. 


Poptop Special Offer (T4/T5/T6 swb) £3075

1. Supply & fit of WestDubs poptop in choice of black or white gel coat.

2. Includes trimming of new frame work

3. supply and fit of 4x led spot lights with switch.

4. Carpeted elevating bed on gas rams bed (no mattress supplied)

5. Choice of canvas colour

T4/T5/T6 LWB £3225 (package as above)

VW Caddy Maxi from £2550

Ford Transit Custom swb from  £3150

Full Price List (Based on SWB)
- Basic Poptop £2650 (install only - untrimmed) 

- Trimming of new framework £175

- LEDs x4 £95

- Hydraulic lift bed £220

- Scenic Canvas swb £175 lwb £200
Colour Coding non metallic swb 300 lwb £330

Roof rack with cross bars (swb) £215 (lwb) £235

- Various matress options available


Skyline Poptop Installation VW T4/T5/T6 (SWB) £3350

  1. Supply & fit of Skyline Poptop in black/white gel coat, choice of over 20 canvas colours.

  2. Carpet trimming of Poptop frame work and rear cover panel.

  3. Supply & fit of 4x LEDs.

  4. The loom will be left accessible in a position of customers choosing for connecting to 12v system (will be connected fully if the wiring of the vehicle is already in place).


This price includes what we perceive to be the ​minimum in terms of extras as this tidies away all frame work and adds cabling/LEDS which is quite difficult to add retrospectively


Poptop Installation VW T5/T6 Aurora swb £3700 -

Aurora lwb £3990

Also available for FORD Trasnit Custom (swb) £3555

chis van.jpg
skyline internal.jpg
chis roof down.jpg
skyline internal closed.jpg


•    Colour coding from £360
•    Roof bed on gas rams £220
•    BiFolding roof bed on gas rams £350
•    Memory foam matress £90 if ordered with roof
•    Scenic Canvas Upgrade. HALF PRICE £100
•    Front cover/sliding panel T5/T6 £120
•    Roof rack with cross bars (swb) £215 (lwb) £235
•    Please visit for full list of additional extras

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