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At ORIGIN we offer an extremely competitive pricing structure. Although any of our services can be combined together, here are a couple of examples of the conversion packages we can offer. The price examples below are as accurate as possible (except there is always some wriggle room) to allow thorough budgeting and include some of the best branded products available;

However, we also understand that there is no "1 cap fits all" when it comes to completing a build.

The possibilities are endless. Get in touch below and explain what you are looking for and how we can help you with your build. To ensure we offer the absolute best possible value for money we can assure you that no unnecessary work will be carried out (eg. if you interior panels are reusable or your vehicle is suitably sound proofed then the conversion prices will be reduced accordingly).

Full Conversion Package                                £10,895

This is a comprehensive roof down interior conversion including a poptop roof: 

  • ​Skyline Poptop Roof (in black or white gel coat) with canvass colour of choice.

  • RIB M1 tested rear seat/rock and roll bed.

  • Appliance pack including, fridge freezer, dual hob & sink, complete power management & charging system, gas installation, plugs, switches, hook-up, etc.

  • Custom units in choice of colour and trim (including table & rails).

  • Sound deadening, insulation, carpet lining, new panels, replacement step/rear threshold cover, new floor & covering.


This comprehensive conversion will transform your base vehicle into a fully functional self contained motor-home. The above is assembled from some of the best products on the market and is priced very competitively to make it as affordable as possible.

Conversion Package                                       £7900

  • This package includes all of the great items in the above full conversion package except the poptop. Additional sound proofing and insulation will be applied inside roof panels.

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